CubexSoft OST Export

Working Procedure

Import OST Mailboxes to Office 365 using I am Admin Option

Steps to convert Outlook OST files to Office 365 using I am Admin option:

  • Admin User ID: Enter the Admin username for the Office 365 admin account
  • Password: Enter the password for the office 365 admin account.
  • To import OST mailboxes to Office 365 admin account, you need to click on I am Admin option. Enter your Office 365 admin user ID and password and click on Login button.

    Now there are available multiple options choose them and click on Convert button.

    • Ignore System Folders Hierarchy option to skip system folder structure of emails.
    • Change Language option to convert OST to Office 365 in other language – French, Dutch, Italy, German, Swedish, Spanish & Norwegian.
    • I am Admin option to convert OST files in other user accounts of Office 365 Admin account.
    • Office 365 Email ID & Password – Provide your credentials of Office 365 account (required for migration).
    • Copy to default Folders option to convert OST files in default created mailbox of Office 365 account.
    • Created log for messages not converted option to generate log report for not converted messages details.

  • Once the admin account is login, enter the User ID into which the OST data needs to be uploaded

  • Once you click on Convert button the software will start the process of OST to Office 365 migration. The export process will display every detail about the conversion such as the current file progress, item count, status, size etc.

  • Once the software done with the process, it will open an alert window showing successful completions of conversion process. Click OK button to finsh the process.

  • Once you click the OK button, the software will enable two buttons OK and Save Report. If you want to exit the application, click OK. If you want the complete conversion progress report, hit Save Report button, which will save the detail of processing in TXT file as a record.