CubexSoft OST Export

Uninstall Software

Uninstallation Guide of OST Export Tool

Follow the given instructions to uninstall the CubexSoft OST Export Tool. You can uninstall the software by following given steps:

Important : Before uninstalling the CubexSoft OST Export Tool, make sure that the software is not running in the background of your system.

Uninstall Software from Control Panel

Follow the below steps for performing uninstallation process from the Control Panel:

  • Open "Control Panel >> Programs >> Programs & Features >> Uninstall or Change a program".

  • Select the software for uninstall, right click with your mouse and select Uninstall/Change option.

  • If you are sure of removing CubexSoft OST Export Tool from your system, then click on Yes Option.

  • After successful uninstallation of the software, click on OK button to close the window.