CubexSoft Thunderbird Export

Working Procedure

Export Thunderbird Emails As PDF

Steps to convert Thunderbird files as PDF :

  • For exporting Thunderbird database to PDF, select PDF from Select Output Type options. Click Next button to continue

  • Now, enable the option of Apply Rules/Filters and click on the Set Filters if you need to export specified Thunderbird mailboxes to PDF file.

  • After then apply advance filters according to Date, From, To, CC, BCC, and Subject. Then click on the Apply.

  • After then apply advance filters select the File Naming Option as per your choice.

  • After selecting File Naming Conventions, click on the checkbox of the PDF Options and then hit on the Advance.

  • Now choose Advance PDF options for saving PDF files accordingly after the process. Then, click on the Save.

  • After selecting advance PDF options, click on the Browse button.

  • Now select the destination path, where you want to save the resultant files.

  • Then, hit on the Export to start the export Thunderbird to PDF process.

  • Now, the tool will start the conversion process of Thunderbird to MBOX. The export process will open every detail about the conversion such as current file progress, item count, and status, file size, etc.

  • Once the tool done with the process, it will open an alert window showing successful completion of conversion procedure. Hit on the OK to complete the procedure.

  • On clicking OK button, the software will enable two buttons OK and Save Report. If you want to exit the application, click OK. If you want the complete conversion progress report, hit Save Report button, which will save the detail of processing in CSV file as a record.

  • A new window will open showing the message of successful saving of conversion report. Click OK button to finally finish the process and exit the application.

  • Navigate to the folder location of your resultant files and click on the .csv file to open and access the conversion report.

  • Navigate to the folder location of your resultant files and click on the folder to open and access the resultant files