CubexSoft MDaemon Export

Working Procedure

Export MDaemon Emails As PDF

Steps to convert MDaemon files as PDF :

  • For exporting MDaemon emails to PDF, select PDF from Select Output Type options. Click Next button to continue.

  • Navigate to File Naming Option, click the drop-down arrow and apply the desired file naming combination to access and manage resultant file.

  • Set desired option to save MDaemon emails and attachments in advance way:
    • Save all Emails in Single PDF: Allows to save all MDaemon email list in a single PDF document
    • Embed Attachments to PDF: Enable to combine MDaemon attachments to PDF
    • Extract Attachments Separately: Facilitate to save all attachments in a separate PDF folder

  • Now, the destination Path option will show the default path where software will save converted file.

  • In order to change the destination path, click on Browse button, select the location as per your need and save resultant file.

  • Go to Advance Filters that offers multiple option for specified conversion i.e.
    • Date Range: User can select date range to save emails only the selected date range
    • TO, FROM Fields: Users can choose specific to and from addresses to save gmail emails
    • Subject Filters: Users can filter the final saving by saving the emails that contains specfic words and phrases

  • Now, click Convert button to start the conversion of MDaemon to PDF.

  • The software will now start the MDaemon conversion process and show live progress report, displaying the details - Export Option, Source Profile, Destination Path, Item Count, Subject and Folder Item.

  • After completion you will get a Dialog box saying “Process Completed Successfully”. Click on Ok.

  • Now, the tool will automatically open the process report in TXT file that shows the conversion details like Start Date & Time, Saving Type, File, Path, Items, Items Converted, Destination Path and Status. You can save the report at desired location for future use.

  • MDaemon Export now auto-navigate to the chosen location where it has saved converted PDF file.